Sponsors and Supporters

GIRT Scientific Diver Sponsorship

The GIRT Scientific Diver Citizen Science Program seeks sponsorship from businesses or individuals who are passionate about underwater cultural heritage and wish to support a citizen science program that enables the diving public to systematically monitor and document that unique non-renewable heritage for its protection.

Why Sponsorship?

GIRT is designed to enable the public to ethically participate in maritime archaeology through a non-impact, conservation focussed scientific diving program. GIRT attracts a broad range of participants from multiple countries who offer their time, knowledge, skills and resources to assist in the documentation and protection of underwater cultural heritage in their country and sometimes, in other countries as well.

To enable interested people to join GIRT and start actively participating in this citizen science project, your funding will support the delivery of necessary training to become a member, administration of the program and maintenance of this website.

Your individual or organisation’s support for GIRT will yield important dividends in terms of empowering individuals to participate in a cultural heritage conservation focussed program, creating networks, facilitating sharing information about sites and their conditions and protecting our underwater cultural heritage.

For further details please contact Andy Viduka: girtscientificdiver@gmail.com

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